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Hello, today is a bad day for me and for honest users of "ExpireBox".
Since its inception we have done everything possible to make it clean and free giving trust to all users, unfortunately there is a small part of people who have no respect for what is given with love to them and for the work of people like us who want internet Free.

For some time "ExpireBox" has been the target of dishonest people: spammers, pornographers, pedophiles, crackers and pirates of various kinds, but they have not had an easy life, in fact an anti-virus scan for malwares and strict checks are made every day to delete viruses and files that violate any law, we delete files reported by users in just a few minutes, as well as files reported via "DMCA report" are eliminated within minutes. In short, ExpireBox has always been one of the cleanest and most honest Web Sharing file sites.

Despite everything, we are constantly being accused by the Postal Police and the FBI, but since we are not rich and we do not earn enough from ExpireBox, it is not worth going for guilty and paying expensive lawyers, the guilty are the dishonest users and I hope they have what deserve, of course we have all the respect for law enforcement and those who have a duty to enforce the laws, but it is absurd that there are File sharing sites that contain illegal files for years without anyone erasing them, so it is absurd that there is all this fury only on a small site like ExpireBox that does not give space to illegality, maybe we bothered someone ?.

But we do not demoralize, we do not want to lose ExpireBox because it is our job and the work of a man should not be ruined by others, so with regret we transform from now ExpireBox into a sharing site for "Apps developers", drastically reducing the risk of illegal contamination, in fact it will no longer be possible to upload photos or videos or archives but only APK files, these files will be checked daily and verified security with antivirus scans.

We know that ExpireBox it all this time has helped Professionals, Artists and Developers, to all of you goes our affection, unfortunately this is the rotten side of the Web, a jungle where only the dishonest survive.

Thank you, ExpireBox Staff.

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